Douglas P. Beal’s Review

Douglas P. Beal“Coaching Volleyball Champions is a remarkable addition to the volleyball literature that I am certain any serious coach will want to read, study, and absorb; and then return to again and again.  Ard Biesheuvel and Mary Dyck have provided this most impressive resource that demonstrates the wide variety of approaches by some of the most successful and well-known coaches in the history of our sport.  Many of the most important and frequently asked questions we all deal with are answered by these experts.  There are obvious commonalities, but also vast differences.

It is particularly insightful to see how these individuals, dealing at every level from Olympic Champions to youth and junior ages, respond and prioritize some of the most important issues in the profession.  It has sometimes been said that “coaching is not rocket science, it is much more complicated than that.”  Clearly, this text supports the many faceted responsibilities and areas of expertise that the successful coach must master, and it is fascinating to see the specific examples cited from the many long careers to support the methods and rationale each coach uses to achieve success.

I also found it fascinating to note the amount of interaction and cross-referencing between these experts–many of whom have learned from, and with, each other and continue to interact.  Just employing the drills at the end of each section will aid your team’s training and help you focus on the most important areas to address in practice, which alone is worth the purchase price.  Every reader will pick up something to help them be a better coach each time they pick up this book and, likely, something from each coach’s section.

I cannot recommend this book too highly.  It is absolutely a must have and regular read!! ”

Douglas P. Beal

CEO USA Volleyball
1991 World Cup Champion
1984 Olympic Gold Medal

Photo with kind permission of USA Volleyball