Greg Ryan’s Review

Greg Ryan“I invite you into a coaching book that is full of insight as some of the best coaches in North America give you a back stage pass to their programs. This book has the potential to help you coach from a more confident, relaxed and productive platform. If you are like me you enjoy setting goals and achieving them as a coach, yet in this profession success can be increasingly elusive. It is possible to enjoy the journey of coaching and yet do it in a more effective manner. This book I believe can help you fill in the blanks that might exist in your program.

You may be searching for the one insight to help your program succeed in a consistent manner. Most volleyball books of this type offer how-to-advice. By that I mean they offer a what to do, when to do it and how to do it. Seldom are you offered insight into why individual coaches do what they do, when they do it and the background thought that they utilize in the process.

I can attest that there is no single approach to success in coaching. There is no single approach that works in every instance. As you begin to improve as a coach you will find yourself moving to a new and a different set of challenges. The coaches profiled in this book can help you uncover profoundly simple ways to improve your knowledge of the game and ability to deliver that knowledge to your athletes. There are decades of ideas within that have been fine tuned and may be applicable to you.

The effectiveness and power of this book is based on the practical ideas and drills that exist within its cover. Step out on a “road trip” with these coaches and enjoy the journey of being able to “pick their brains”.

Greg Ryan
Former University of Calgary Men’s Volleyball Coach
1989 and 1993 CIS National Champions

Director of Athletics and Campus Recreation
Augustana Campus
University of Alberta
Camrose, Alberta, CANADA

Photo with kind permission of Rudy Zhiao