Mark Tennant’s Review

Mark TennantCoaching Volleyball Champions is a compilation of the professional practices of a eleven (10 men and 1 woman) coaches at Canadian (7) and American (4) post secondary institutions who together have achieved the ultimate performance goal of winning a total of 58 national, university or college championships. The editors Biesheuvel and Dyck have merged a broad spectrum of Volleyball Coaches into one manuscript:
–       Four of the eleven coach women exclusively and another two have coached both genders.
–       Seven have had the opportunity to coach at the international level ranging from the Olympics, World Championships, and Universiade.

Each coach has a dedicated chapter. The mix of biographical coaching history, personal memoirs and descriptions of their leadership and management practices with examples provides convenient access to the key ideas and interests of each one of these eminent coaches.

Each chapter provides insight into how this diverse group of coaches is driven by a passionate commitment to the ideals of sport and athlete dreams. Each is packed full of information and stimulating ideas as they describe the system that works for them with their conditions/environment and personality.

Some of the pieces are stronger than others. Some reveal the coaches as traditionalists, others as astute observers and deep thinkers, and yet others with theories and practices that readers may find suspect. But they are all thought provoking.

Coaching Volleyball Champions will stimulate you to think about how you do what you do. Some of the information may challenge the reader to rethink or reinterpret some of their own beliefs about coaching effectiveness and performance enhancement. Other times a reader may take exception to statements. This is what we need in coaching, more dialogue, more interaction, more critical thinking.

If you are interested in challenging your approach to coaching you need to read this book.”

Mark Tennant
1979, 1980, 1981: Coach, Canadian National Women’s University Champions
Chairman, Volleyball and Beach Volleyball, International University Sports Federation (FISU)
Member, Technical and Coaches Commission,  North America, Central America, and Caribbean Zone (NORCECA)

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